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2011 Feedback

YUM YUM donuts are by far the best donuts you will ever get...anywhere! I have been all over the country, tried donuts from chain stores, you name it. They are rarely if ever as FRESH as yours are. Friendly service, and GREAT GREAT QUALITY. LOVE IT!!

R.S., North Wales, PA

Simply the BEST!! Moved to Florida almost 4 Years ago. I miss your doughnuts often. I used to have two doughnuts and a large coffee every morning. I have been back to the area a few times since i left. Everytime, I make sure I stop in. The last time i was back was May 2010. I stopped in at luch time and got a half dozen. They didn't make it very far. They were eatten in one sitting, in my truck. YUM YUM!!

-Sal, Spring HIll, FL

Dear Yum Yum, I experienced Yum Yum donuts for the first time in my life yesterday, and I LOVE YOU!!!! Seriously, I had a dream last night about going back for another donut. :D

-Mary, Southampton, PA

I feel so lucky to be just around the corner from your wonderful baked goods. Your muffins are superior in variety, flavor and freshness. I have friends in New England and every time I visit or they come to see me Yum Yums are the tradition. I have always had great service and love the small town atmosphere of your wonderful shops.

-Emily, Quakertown, PA

Your donuts are the best donuts we have ever had. My son drove to your bakery last night to buy donuts. Everyone who has been to our house today loves them. We need one of your bakeries in NJ. The peanut butter donuts are fabulous.

-Trish, Point Pleasant, NJ

We love Yum Yum's and will drive out of our way to have a yummy treat! The coffee is amazing, my only wish is that I lived closer!!!

-Renee, Allentown. PA

My brother brought home a dozen of your donuts last night. I had one before bed and woke up at 5am [very rare for me] and had one thing on my mind, Those donuts. Yum Yum indeed!

-Dave, Phillipsburg, PA

Wow! Who would have ever thought that donuts could be this good-simply amazing! My four kids are now in the habit of enjoying donuts each weekend as a special treat. After Yum Yum, no other donut place will do-simply the best!

-Colleen, Southampton, PA

OMG!!!! Your donuts are to die for!! We were on a long trip to a new veterinarian in the Warminister area, and drove past Yum Yum. The name caught my eye, and my husband said the donuts are fantastic (he used to work in Warminster years ago and had had your donuts). So we got a dozen and OMG!!!! We're going to make the 45 min trip to get them from now on!! PLEASE open more locations, maybe one in the Far Northeast of Philly? (hint, hint) And the peanut butter cup one is the BEST!

-Annette, Philadelphia, PA

Spent the first 16 years of life in Lansdale and vaguely remember eating Yum Yum's. Some 35+ years later my wife and I made a visit to the area so I could relive my childhood. Having a sweet tooth I stopped at YumYum's (Colmar location) and we got a few sweets and drinks. I have wanted to make the 4.5 hours trip back for doughnuts several times since. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!

-Scott, Altoona, PA

My husband brought me over to your bake shop this past weekend. It's been years since I've had a donut but yours were worth indulging! We'll definitely be back!

-Katie, Newtown, PA

There is absolutely no other bake shop that can compare. Your doughnuts are always fresh,a nice size variety, and great customer service.

-Hope, Trevose, PA

I am so thankful that Yum Yum's has white hot chocolate! Dunkin' Donuts has discontinued it. I was driving by Yum Yum's and if it wasn't for the flashing red sign I wouldn't have even known it was served here! The best part is you guys make it better! You have gained a new customer. Thanks so much!

-Melissa, Chalfont, PA

2010 Feedback

Absolutely the best donuts ever! I drive by at least two other donut shops to get my Yum Yum fix. They are the freshest donuts. I love the chocolate French crullers. They're so light and airy. And the vanilla cream are to die for -- always a ton of cream, not like those other shops that skimp. Excellent!

-Virginia, Lansdale, PA

A trip to Yum Yum on my way to work is quite possibly the best way to start my day. Every single thing on the menu is delicious. My friends and co-workers get sick of hearing me talk about Yum Yum all the time but I can't help it! Truly yummy!

-Meghan, Hellertown, PA

I passed the Colmar a couple of times and was always intrigued by the name. With a name like Yum Yum, it HAD to be good! Tonight I finally stopped in, knowing I wouldn't be traveling that way again any time soon. I had a feeling....a good feeling.... I knew I'd be hooked. Sure enough, I didn't even make it out of the parking lot before 1/2 a donut was gone. Good doesn't quite describe it! Awesome is more like it! If you are EVER near a Yum Yum Bake Shop, do yourself a favor and stop in. You won't regret it!

-Kay, Philadelphia, PA

YUM-YUM is king! I will never set foot in Dunkin Donuts again. The monster donuts are the greatest invention since the wheel.

-Mike, Lansdale

Yum Yum donuts are the BEST EVER! I drive 30 min. to the Warminster Bake Shop whenever I am in the mood for donuts. I pass SO many "other" donut shops and bakery store just to get my hands on the DELICIOUS donuts! It is well worth the drive, I wish they would open up more Yum Yum bake shops in PA!

-Carla, Langhorne, PA

Simply the best donuts around. I drive from Allentown a few times a month to get donuts and there is a Dunkin Donuts two blocks from me.

-Steve, Whitehall, PA

Yum Yum is the best doughnut shop in the world! The doughnuts always taste amazing no matter what time of day/night it is. The staff is friendly, and they have good service. There is no other place that I would rather have a doughnut from. Only one problem.. I think Yum Yum should open places all over, four shops is simply not enough.

-Allison, Lansdale, PA

I grew up eating Yum Yum Donuts in Quakertown. I wish you would expand nationally. Kansas City desperately needs Yum Yum to show them how donuts are meant to be! I have eaten many donuts in my life and nothing compares to Yum Yum!

-Jason, Kansas City

I was at Yum Yums on Tuesday night with my girlfriend. We got half a dozen donuts and enjoyed them all! The service was excellent as always. The best donut shop in the world is Yum Yum!

Best donuts I've ever tasted. My wife and I had your faschnat donuts the day before Ash Wednesday and they were fantastic.We wish you would offer them other times of the year.

-Vincent, Lansdale, PA

I had my first Yum Yum donut yesterday and it was sooooooo good. It was a chocolate frosted cruller and made my Mother's Day complete.

-Dianne, Blackwood, NJ

Yum Yum rules the donut kingdom! Dark roast is super tasty and the donuts are super perfecto! I am quite fond of the black raspberry crumb. Totally in love with it!

-Matty, North Wales

I worked for years in Warminster and had Yum Yum nearly every day. I wish you would open a place toward Wyncote where I live now. I always tell people that you have the best donuts!

- Molly, Wyncote, PA

I used to live in Lansdale and my first job ever was as a waitress at Yum Yum. I have always LOVED the donuts, but didn't realize how good they truly were until my husband, children, and I moved here to North Carolina. We live in a beautiful town adjacent to the ever popular Pinehurst, NC (golfers know it well). There is one problem with this area though...no truly great donut shops! Boy do I miss the buttermilk sticks! Just had to let you know.

-Michelle, Whispering Pines, NC

We may think we have donuts out west, but they are nothing compared to the heavenly delights you sell at Yum Yum! The White Lightening Rules!

-Walt, Santa Rosa, CA

I have loved your donuts for years! They are the best around!

-Les, Hatboro, PA

I bought a dozen of your donuts to workfor a special treat. I am a nurse at a busy pediatric hospital In Philadelphia. My fellow nurses went crazy over your donuts. I grew up in Warminster so Yum Yum was always a Sunday morning tradition after church. Many of my fellow workers now drive to the Warminster and Colmar locations from as far as Deleware just to enjoy your delicious donuts. I receive many requests to bring these donuts to work!!!!! No other donut is as good as YUM YUM!!!

-Stephanie, Chalfont, PA

2009 Feedback

Since I have been in the PA area and first visited Yum Yums on Old York Rd, not only was everyone extremely pleasant, but the doughnuts were/are THE BEST!!! Thank you Yum Yum!!!

- Wayne, Toronto, Canada

Yum Yums is the perfect cheap, but good, meeting spot to go with friends! I love the late hours you guys are open and the drive-thru at the Quakertown location, and CREAM DELIGHTS!!! It's the only donut I'll eat ANYWHERE!

- Rachel, Sellersville, PA

My sons love your donuts and donut holes. I just wanted to compliment you on the quality of your baked goods.

- Julie, Lansdale, PA

I moved away from Horsham ten years ago and I still miss your donuts. I stop every time I am home but it isn't enough.

- Liz, Buffalo, MN

Yum Yum donuts are by far the best donuts around. Dunkin Donuts does not even compare to the big, delicious donuts found at Yum Yum. It's just an all around great experience at Yum Yum Bakeshops, and I've been to all four locations.

- John McCabe, Warrington, PA

Every summer I look forward to stopping at Yum-Yum donuts on the way to softball tournaments! They are the BEST I have ever had. Thank goodness summer is here!!!

- Wanda, Schnecksville, PA

I only eat Yum Yum donuts. They are always fresh and always taste good. No matter what time of the day. Thank you for accepting competitors coupons. Your employees are very nice and friendly. I especially like the cherry bombs.

- Millie, Hatboro, PA

When my kids go to sleepovers they always take a dozen YumYums. A HUGE hit! We can't show up without the now! (and that's ok!) The coffee (reg/cream/sug) is ALWAYS good. No matter which store; no matter what time.

- Elizabeth, Hatboro, PA

YOUR DONUTS ARE THE BEST!! My family visiting from Virgina LOVED THEM--especailly the strawberry jelly and the Dutch Crumb!

- Cynthia, Warminster, PA

I am from New England and where I grew up there were many good donut shops. Here in Philly there is only the unsatisfying Dunkin Donuts. I was blown away by how good Yum Yum's donuts were when I stopped by a Yum Yum in Warminster after meeting a client. They are worth every calorie! I told my brother about Yum Yum, but after so many bad donuts here in PA, he didn't believe. So we drove out to Warminster one Sunday-- and it has now become our tradition. He agrees they are fantastic! Please consider opening a shop in Philly. You'll make a killing amongst the bland and stale Dunks!

- Tara, Philadelphia, PA

I lived in Bucks county for 35 years and Yum Yum's was always serving great doughnuts. Early on, I used to drive from Quakertown to Lansdale to get a doughnut. Then a Yum Yum opened up in Quakertown and I had 2 that I could conveniently visit! Now I am in California and sure miss them both.

- Doug, Huntington Beach, CA

I drove 440 miles to get yum yum donuts for my daughter to bring in for her class on her birthday. Everyone loved them!!!

- Jackie, Hollis Center, ME

I absolutely love, love, love your donuts! I have eaten at the Dunkin Donuts by my work and have always been disappointed. Not once have I gotten a fresh, not stale donut. Morning or night, they are not good. I could visit your establishment morning, noon & night, having never left disappointed or unsatisfied. They are delectible, delicious, mouth watering & craveble! Please open a Yum Yum near the Northeast! Or Bensalem? I used to eat Krispie Cream when I was little and you beat even them! Never thought I would say that!

- Rhiannon Husted, Philadelphia, PA

Your cream delights are to die for--I love them. I moved to NJ about 20 years ago but I stop at Yum Yum whenever I go back "home". Your donuts are the best!

- Helene, Burlington, NJ

I just wanted to let you know I had the White Lightning for the first time 3 weeks ago. It was by far the most amazing donut I have ever had! Even though your closest shop is about 45 minutes away, I insisted my mother try one. We came back the next weekend, and she fully agreed with me!

- Heather, Douglassville, PA

I love your donuts! They are the freshest and most devine! Please build a Yum Yum near me in Bensalem! I drive so far for your products & I will, but it's be great if I didn't have to drive 45 minutes!

- Rhiannon, Bensalem, PA

I love going to Yum Yum. In the global econimic times it's nice to walk in and have that old town feeling. The people are always friendly even after you leave the counter. The donuts are just good, old styled donuts that have a great taste. The peanut butter cups are awesome, the white cream in the white lightnings and chocolate thunder are just plain good. The coffee is great and the creamer is not artificial.

- Don, Colmar, PA

I had your doughnuts for the first time today. Wonderful. Best I ever had! Can't believe I survived all these years without them! Will travel the extra 15 miles to get them in the future. These put all other doughnuts to shame.

- Holly, Bethlehem, PA

I drive 20 minutes out of my way on Saturday morning just to get a yum yum donut on my way to work and every time Emily or Ashely are working i get the best service in the world. I LOVE YUM YUM BAKE SHOP IN COLMAR!!!

- Rick, Hatfield, PA

My husband and I travel frequently from Chester County to Warminster for Yum Yum donuts! We don't even eat or buy donuts from anywhere else.

- Sarah, Coatesville, PA

I work for dunkin donuts and i dont eat any other donuts besides yum yum! Thank you for my peanut butter cup donut!

- Jon, Cinnaminson, NJ

Feedback in 2008

I make the location in Colmar my 1st stop in the morning before I go to work. The employees are always friendly. By far the freshest and best donuts in the area. Keep doing what you\'re doing.

- Mike, Chalfont, PA

My kids and I love your donuts. It has become our Sunday morning Tradition.

- Anthony, Montgomeryville, PA

I went to Yum Yum for the first time on Wednesday. It was wonderful. They were so delicious. I will take a Yum Yum donut any day over Dunkin Donuts. My husband said those are the best donuts he ever had.

- Heather, Whitehall, PA

We love Yum Yum!!! Our family lives in the Warminster area and we aren't there as often as we would like to be. My husband is in sales, so every time he is is the area, he brings home a dozen of donuts. When we go up to see the family we grab some extra for the ride home. Please bring one to Chester County!!!!!

- Leslie & Anthony, Chester County, PA

I have been a YumYum customer since they opened in Warminster. They have the VERY best donuts and serve Ellis coffee which is also the VERY best coffee!!! There are Dunkin' Donuts all OVER the place here, but they can't hold a candle to YumYum. Besides, the service people are nicer, they are much friendlier and they know their customers. The donuts also stay fresher longer since they are fresher to begin with! Keep up the good work!

- Sue, Warminster, PA

"With all the convenience stores, Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kremes around it is GREAT to find a real donut shop where they are made on the premises and have a variety of flavors and types. My favorites are Peanut and the Sour cream. When you get them fresh I would stack them up against any in the US, and I have tried them from CA to NY."

- Kevin, Quakertown, PA

"Yum Yum donuts are far superior to any donut I have ever had. It has been a family tradition of ours for 15 years to get yum yum donuts once a week for a family treat. We have recently moved and continue (even with soaring gas prices) to drive 40 minutes each way to keep the tradition alive! Please open a Yum Yums in the Pottstown area - you would make a fortune over here!"

- Michael, Pottstown, PA

"I've been coming to Yum Yum for years because the donuts are the best around."

- Steve, Warminster, PA

"I grew up in Hatfield and going to Yum Yum's was always a treat. I went off to college and moved to New York but still get home to visit my parents once a month. My dad loves when I come home because he has an excuse to have donuts on Sunday mornings—somehow me being there erases the calories! Anyway, I admit, when the new Dunkin' Donuts opened a little north of Yum Yum's a few years ago, I started going there. Shame on me! I don't know what I was thinking. About a year ago I realized the error of my ways. Now every time I'm home I'm at Yum Yum's on Sunday mornings. Definitely the best donuts and coffee in the area. Great service, too. Wish there was one in my neighborhood in New York!"

- Megan, New York